Allan Botschinsky


As long as I can remember I was always interested in music. Both my parents were classical musicians. One day when I was 6 years old, however, I heard some music in the radio which sounded interesting and exciting, and very different than the classic symphonic music I used to hear at home. I found out that the music which fascinated me so much was called "Jazz".

Five years later, in 1951 I got a trumpet from my parents - with it one could play both, "common" classical music and jazz. Actually I wanted to join the famous youth band of the Tivoli gards, but one year earlier I had suffered from polio, so I wasn't too good at marching.

Instead I started to play together with one of my schoolteachers who played guitar. He taught me to play and improvise over a 12 bar blues and some other jazz standards.

I soon learned enough songs to be able to perform at school concerts. Short after I enrolled at the Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and started to play with various amateur bigbands at the same time.

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